About Us

As benefit claimants we are under an unprecedented level of attack. We
face sanctions, benefit reductions, unpaid work, and a confusing array of
interviews, computer systems and forms designed to trick us out of the
money we need. Even as we struggle to get by, the government and media try
and blame us for all of our countries problems. As if our disabilities are
some kind of trick or we are to blame for record levels of unemployment
and the extortionate cost of rent.

Bristol Claimants Union provides a space where we can all share our
knowledge and experiences. It is a way of giving ourselves the tools,
support, and pracitcal help we need to survive the benefit system and
fight back against its injustices. We are a group of claimants (not
professionals) who have realised we need to stick together.

Have a problem with a benefits claim? Facing harrassment or bullying at
the job centre? Been sanctioned? Have an upcoming ATOS interview? Confused
by Universal Job Match? Been put on workfare? Drop in and speak to us!

We are open to anyone who claims benefits including Job Seekers Allowance,
Employment and Support Allowance, Child tax credit or housing benefit. We
are inclusive of anyone whatever their race, religion, (dis)ability,
cultural background, employment status, gender or sexuality. We will not
tolerate behaviour that undermines this. We are not connected to any
political party and do not wish to be.

We meet every other Tuesday 5.30pm - 6.30pm at Kebele Social Centre.

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